Tuesday, December 15, 2015

2015 Daily December 15--Week 50

What a week.  December is really giving me a run for my money.  Crazy.  If we can just make it through this week, then school is out and we have Christmas break and have nothing scheduled.  Can't wait!  Just a few more days.  But this last week was full of fun stuff--another Christmas program (#3 of 4 for the season), girls' lunch out, Miss E finishing up basketball and a princess tea party--take a look. . .
Sunday evening Mr J picked this Christmas book to read before we went to bed.  It is one of our favorites.  So fun with so many little extra things in it.

Girls' Lunch Out--man I can't tell you how much I love these ladies.  They keep me sane.  What a blessing they are in my life!

Christmas program #3 of 4 for the month.  Mr J singing his heart out while playing the drums for his program.  Their African Drumming Circle is just awesome!

This cute boy and I did some Christmas shopping after school today and decided we needed a A&W root beer float to celebrate we were done!  Yum!

Thursdays is my volunteer day at the schools, and guess who I found sitting in the hallway?  Yes, that cute girl in the middle is mine.  Miss E sure enjoys how her school has gone to chrome books this year.

My cookie making helpers :)  Had to make 60 cookies for a princess tea party for Saturday.  These funny girls helped me decorate them.  

The Forensics team had a princess tea party as a fundraiser to get ready for their season.  Miss A had fun being Snow White.  The little girls who came loved it!  So fun! 

And Miss E in her final basketball game of the season.  She had a great year and played really well, learned a lot and is excited to play high school ball next year.  So one basketball season is over just as the next one (Miss O's) starts.  More basketball here we go. . .

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  1. Basketball season is crazy. Our HS season already started and they play in tournaments over holiday break which is crazy. I have to work in some of those snack bars. Thank goodness my kids have sports fall and spring but nothing in the winter season. The holidays are crazy enough! Love tat first picture of Ben and Mr J reading together and how fun to throw a princess tea party as a fund raiser. The costumes are perfect. I'm glad you got a lunch out with the ladies and I hope you all get some serious downtime when school is out starting next week.

  2. What a fun looking group for girl's lunch.
    Those African drums look awesome!
    How cute that Miss A got to be Snow White & major props to you for making 60 cookies on top of everything else you have going on!
    Luckily a nice Christmas break is in sight! :)