Thursday, June 17, 2010

Final Trip review--Kirtland, Ohio

Okay, last day of trip photos. Are you sick of them yet? Sorry. At least I didn't force you down my basement to look at hours and hours of slides on a pull down screen :) You can choose to look at these or not, isn't technology great??? One of our last stops was to another place significant in the history of our church, which is Kirtland, Ohio. This was where the saints went after Palmyra where we went earlier in the week. Here, as a very poor and humble people they sacrificed to build a house to the Lord, a temple. It is amazing to see what they did with so little--it is a huge building and you are able to go on tours through the whole thing. Sadly, they had to leave this as they did so many things as they were forced west and eventually ended up in Salt Lake City. Currently this is owned by the Community of Christ church and tours are $3 per person.
Looking up at the Kirtland temple.
In front of the temple

The first and second floors are huge assembly rooms and the 3rd floor is office and classrooms.

This is in the Newel K Whitney store located on the Latter-day Saints historic sites down from the temple. This is the School of the Prophets room located on the 2nd floor of the store.
In front of Newel K Whitney's home.

The Whitney Store

They had a lumber yard and an ashery. We are in front of the ashery. They rebuilt these because they said they were key in helping the temple to be built. We had never heard of an ashery before. They would buy people's ashes from their fires then "cook" them for hours and hours and you would get a lye substance--like what was used to make lye soap, then you would "cook" that lye some more and get a substance used to make glass and fine china. They would then sell that and used to money to build the temple.

And this is a picture of what we did lots and lots on our trip--drive! Miss E is holding a piece of pizza in front of her face :) But we all survived, didn't kill each other, and still love each other after 2 weeks on the road. It is nice to be home. Miss A was only home a few days then she had to leave again. She has been gone this whole week to Church camp for girls. She has never been away from home more than one night, so I hope it has gone well. I haven't received any phone calls. I miss her!!! Ben is going up tonight for the last night, then bringing her home tomorrow. It will be nice to have her home again! Then we are gearing up for Toy Story 3 this weekend. We have been reviewing Toy Story and Toy Story 2 this week to get ready :)


  1. My favorite part about Kirtland is the Newel K. Whitney store. There really is a special feeling in that room on the 2nd floor. It's so great you took your kids there.

  2. I loved every post about your trip. Amazing, meaningful family time together!
    I'm sure A is having a blast at camp. How nice to have her dad join her. He can report that she's fine right? :) That would be hard for me too. Joshua heads up to scout camp in a couple weeks. EIGHT days. Lucky for me Aron is the Scout Master.

  3. The best part about this post was the shot of the car - with all your kids. And your comment about not killing each other and still loving each other after such long hours of driving. You guys are awesome! It takes great patience and love to do car trips like that :)

  4. What a fun trip to all these places! Abigail is almost as tall as you.