Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Trip review--Washington DC day 3

This day started out really early! We had 7:30 a.m. tickets to see the White House, and you were suppose to be there 30 minutes early. Then add about 20 more minutes to find a parking place and the 30 minutes it took us to get down to the city---made for an early morning. They were super strict about security in DC, and the White House was no exception--ID's checked several times, scans, etc. You were only allowed your keys, cell phone and wallet to enter the WH--nothing else. If you brought anything else you were not allowed to enter because they had no storage space for anything. Because of this fact, we didn't have a camera--no pictures allowed inside, and so we had to leave the White House, go back to our car, get the camera so we could take a picture outside of it. No, we are not cell phone people, so we didn't have a camera on our phone. For the tour you came out the front door, and it was fun to turn around and look up at the 2nd floor and one of the windows had butterfly window clings on it. I wonder whose room that was? Just kind of fun to see on the front windows of the White House with kids' window clings on them. Today was Mr J's birthday, and we had to submit SS #'s, birthdays, place of birth, etc 3 months earlier to get the WH tickets, so they had Mr J's birthday on the papers, so the guards told him Happy Birthday. He thought that was cool.
In front of the White House. It was a short tour, but it was neat to see inside of it. I couldn't believe how ornate the curtains where :) The window clings were on the window above and to the left of the front door.

The Washington Monument. No, we didn't go up it. My fear of heights kept me grounded, but I told Ben he could take whatever kids wanted to go, but they weren't too interested, so we just walked around the outside of it. That was good for me.

One of our very favorite things was going to the National Archives building and seeing the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence. My kids are big National Treasure movie fans, so they loved seeing those.

We really enjoyed the Art Gallery's sculpture garden. We had lunch there. The huge fountain was a highlight.

Visited the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History today. Kids loved the Hope diamond, the dinosaurs, and the animals
When we were eating lunch at the sculpture garden we had this crazed squirrel that kept trying to eat our food. He was not shy at all. He was ready to crawl on Ben's lap to get a cookie. Notice Ben is the only one in the picture because the rest of us were too scared to sit down because the squirrel would come right up and try to take a bite out of your sandwich.

At the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum one of the girls favorite things was Amelia Earhart's plane. The red one behind them. You couldn't get any closer to it than this because they were remodeling back there, but at least you could see it. Miss O really loved seeing the original Wright brothers' plane, too.

In front on Apollo 11. Way cool! :)

At the Museum of Natural History they had a special butterfly house exhibit with live butterflies everywhere. It was Mr J's favorite thing.

Out on the mall in front of the Capital.

The Old Post Office with statue of Benjamin Franklin. Being a humanities major, I am into architecture. This building was really fun to look at.

Mr J was wiped out a the end of this day--this was about 3 p.m. We were waiting at the parking garage for them to bring us our car. Not a cheap place to park. At the parking meters you got 7 1/2 minutes for every quarter if you could find a place. Big city traffic is not a favorite. I am very glad I am a small town girl.

Back at Aunt DeAnne's we celebrated a birthday!!! He had a lot of fun! He is very excited that we are home and he can have his first "friend party" this weekend! Thomas the Train is the theme. Surprised? Didn't think so.

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