Thursday, June 10, 2010

Trip review--Washington DC day 4

Our last day in DC, and I have to admit we were tired. Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of walking (plus lots more). Did I mentioned we walked a lot? Anyway, we had capital tour tickets that morning through our senator. Word of advice if you ever visit DC, get your White House and Capitol tour tickets through your senator. Check their website. It is the way to go. The general admission tickets for the capitol line is miles long, and we got to go right in front. The tour started at the senator's office, so we got to ride the underground train from the office building to the capitol and back. That was Mr J's favorite part. The general admission tours had groups of 20-30, and we just had us and our personal intern tour guide. We waited in no lines, and we got to see things the general tour didn't. We were able to visit both the House and Senate chambers. It was neat. The architecture is amazing. It was really amazing to see the old House chamber and see the spot where Abraham Lincoln had his desk.

At the US capitol
The Library of Congress which is a jaw-droppingly beautiful building.

The Supreme Court Building
The new WWII memorial. It was cool with all the fountains.

And after this we drove away from DC and waved "bye-bye" then enjoyed the evening at Aunt DeAnne's, slept very well and got ready for another adventure.

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