Monday, June 7, 2010

Trip review--Washington DC day 1

Okay, here we go. Lots of pictures. I thought it wouldn't be as overwhelming if I just put the pictures from each day one at a time. Both Ben and I had been to DC years before when we were in high school, but it was the first time for our kids. Hope you enjoy!

Arlington National Cemetery was our very first stop on Sunday in D.C. All those white headstones are very sobering.
The changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington. A wonderful lesson in reverence for everyone.
At the FDR memorial. This was new to Ben and I. It was very big, open and had lots of waterfalls. It was made of 4 "rooms" with each room representing one of his terms in office.

At the FDR memorial.

FDR memorial. Mr J loved the dog.

At the Korean War Memorial. This was also new to Ben and I. It was very moving.

A look across the National Mall from the Lincoln Memorial towards the Washington Monument.

At the Vietnam Wall Memorial

The Lincoln Memorial. Truly awe inspiring.

Outside the Jefferson Memorial by the tidal pool. It was a full Day 1, and we all enjoyed it.


  1. Great pics Jen and what a wonderful trip.. Great memories and everytime the talk about it in school they have a visual image of themselves there... with you!

  2. Looks like fun! It has been since my Jr. year in HS since I've been. I really want to take the boys. Great place! Did you guys drive the whole way? Wow!

  3. We got to take a Twilight tour when we were in DC last April. The FDR and Korean War Memorials are really cool when lit up at night. I loved DC and hope to take the girls in the next couple of years. Glad you had a great vacation!