Saturday, June 12, 2010

Trip review--Northern Pennsylvania

This was by far my kids favorite part of the trip, besides the train for Mr. J, was being with their cousins! We spent several days with Ben's sister and her awesome family in northern Pennsylvania. It is so pretty up there! I don't think I would like their average of 100 inches of snow in the winter, but I loved visiting in the summer!

Mr J and his cousin were like 2 peas in a pod. They could pass for twins--from the back they were impossible to tell apart, and they had way too much fun together.
We swam in Lake Erie. It was kind of cold, but the kids liked it.

We played on the beach.

We ate yummy ice cream cones!

We went to a AA baseball game that went 13 innings, and we only stayed because they had awesome fireworks at the end! The 13 innings were worth it!

Love our cousins! Everyone all ready for church.
Crazy kids!
We loved exploring the campus where our brother-in-law works. It has amazing grounds--nature trails, and this huge gorge with a stream running through it. We enjoyed walking up the stream on the smooth rock bed of the stream.

Along the stream on the campus. Isn't it beautiful!

The stream came to a swimming hole that the kids enjoyed.

Some of them--like Miss E--were even brave enough to jump off the falls into the swimming hole.

Playing 9 squares (not sure if that is the right name) with the cousins.

Doing sparklers

Loving being with our family!!

Ben and his amazing sister. Thanks so much for feeding, entertaining, and housing us!!! We all loved it! We miss you! Come see us soon :)

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  1. If Miss E was brave enough to jump into the hole - you were one brave mama to watch :) I would have been cringing and biting my nails...