Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Trip Review--Niagara Falls, NY and Canada

We were able to visit Niagara Falls on our trip and walk over into Canada. The kids thought that was so cool to be able to go to another country!! The falls are absolutely beautiful, loud, powerful, and wet! It was one of my kids' favorite things and Ben's also. I had been here before with my family when I was 17. It doesn't fail to impress a 2nd time.
A view from the falls on the American side. The American falls are closest, then the Horseshoe or Canadian falls are the bigger one in the back.
Miss E on the American side lookout tower. It was a little windy the day we were there.

We rode the Maid of the Mist which goes right up to both falls, and you get pretty wet, so they provide you with these beautiful ponchos which the kids decided they wanted to keep. So here we are getting ready to board the boat. The rainbow bridge from the US to Canada is behind us.

On the boat in front of the American falls. Mr J just loved the boat ride. I was afraid he might be a little scared with the waves and all the water, but when the water just rained down on you he just put his hood over his whole face and laughed and laughed! He loved it!

After we rode the boat we just walked across the bridge to Canada. We are standing on the international border here on the bridge.

The view of the falls is much better on the Canadian side.

This is a really pretty park in Canada--a very European type feel. It was fun.

Looking at the Horseshoe falls from the Canadian side.

The American Falls from the Canadian side.

Another part of the Canadian Park.
Back on the American side at the top of the American Falls.

The top of the Horseshoe falls from the American side. This was a really fun day. Everyone enjoyed it. Going to Canada was fun. Adults and kids 16 and older have to have a passport, but under 16 just need a copy of their birth certificate. It was funny coming back from Canada, we walked into a building to start crossing the bridge back and they had a turn style thing which wouldn't let you pass unless you paid $.50 in quarters of either American or Canadian as toll for the bridge. I kind of panicked because we just don't normally carry any cash, and I was thinking we were going to be stuck in Canada forever because we didn't have $3 in quarters to get everyone across :) Luckily between Miss A, Ben, and I and a change machine nearby we were able to come up with enough quarters to get everyone back to the good ole' USA! Glad to be home! So just a word of warning if you go, make sure you have enough quarters to get you back! :)

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  1. Looks like you guys really had a great trip! I went to Niagara Falls when I was 15 and loved it then. Chad and I should really take the kids sometime. It's quite spectacular. Love those blue raincoats!