Sunday, June 13, 2010

Trip review--Palmyra, New York

As part of our trip we planned to visit some historic sites of our church
We spent 2 beautiful days in Palmyra, New York which was the home of our church's first prophet Joseph Smith. He lived here as a young boy, had the first vision here, found the golden plates which he translated into The Book of Mormon. It was a wonderful faith building trip for our family. What a great place to start--with our Savior behind us. I know He is always behind us and carries us through many things. This was at the Hill Cumorah Visitor's Center.
On top of the Hill Cumorah

Looking out over the beautiful upper NY countryside from the top of the Hill Cumorah

Inside the Peter Whitmer Farmhouse where our church was first organized in 1830.

The sign by the farmhouse.

At the publisher where The Book of Mormon was first published. This was Miss O's favorite place. It was neat to see how they published things back then.
In front of Joseph Smith's log home.

In the Sacred Grove right behind the log house.

The Sacred Grove is an ancient forest where they said the trees have never been cut down. Amazing.

The Palmyra temple. Ben and I were able to go through a session. This was such a beautiful, peaceful place. I am so glad our family was able to go there and feel of the amazing spirit of these places.


  1. It's so neat that there's a temple there now!

  2. How wonderful that you were able to do a session. And you were there before all the crazy pagent stuff starts (and serious bugs). You picked a great time!