Monday, March 11, 2013

2013 Blue Jeans Week 10

Big news this past week was Miss O starting band.  She is going to play the trumpet.  More about that in my previous post.  Also Mr J won a county wide safety poster contest, and the kids had a sleepover at Grandpa's--super fun!  Here is a look at our week. . .

Sunday:  Some dear friends were visiting Sunday evening and joined us for scripture study.  It was so cute to see their little girl and Mr J sharing a book and him helping her read.  These two have known each other since they were born.  Good friends are such a blessing!

Monday:  Mr J got his award for winning a county wide safety poster contest.  He looks thrilled, huh?  We were very proud of him! 

Tuesday:  A common scene at our house, Ben studying his New Testament to be ready for his early morning seminary teaching.  He is an awesome teacher, and so cute :)

Wednesday:  Miss O gets to bring home her  They are loud :)  Band mom here I come. . .

Thursday:  Does this look like a comfortable position to read in?  Miss O thinks so :)  She is reading The Hunger Games series--again--and is obviously at a nail biting section.  

Friday:  My mom has been out of town this past week visiting family, so my dad invited the kids to come spend Friday night with him.  He took them all to Wal-mart to let them choose their own TV dinner for dinner.  My kids have never had a TV dinner before in their lives, so that was a big deal :)  The kids had an great time!  Thank you Grandpa!

Saturday:  Weekends are our movie nights and game nights.  Tonight Ben was playing The Scrambled States of America game with the girls.  We love games.

Thanks for visiting!  Hope you have a great week!

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  1. That's super about the poster contest! Band is such a huge commitment but I think its wonderful she wants to do it. None of my kids are musically inclined--at all! Love that shot of the kids with their grandfather. You can see a lot personality there :0)

  2. I think mothers are blessed with the ability to mute sound sometimes :) And I wish I could hear one of Ben's early morning lessons - I bet he would be amazing!