Monday, March 4, 2013

2013 Blue Jeans Week 9

Another week with more snow, and one more snow day.  The kids were excited about that.  We also had some dear friends come and visit for the weekend which is always nice.  I am excited for March and hoping for some spring weather.  We have temps in the 60's this week, so our snow will be gone very quickly, and hopefully spring here very soon!  Here is a look at our week. . .
Ben told the kids they should make a big cool design in the backyard that you could see from the 2nd story of the house.  The kids designed this sun.  It looks/ed pretty cool.  It is all gone now.

Snow day and the snow was finally good snowman making snow.  Each kid had fun creating their own.  Mr J decided his was just going to be a big face, he wasn't going to worry about a body or anything else.

We have amazing sister missionaries in our town serving our Church.  We had them over for dinner tonight, and one of them helped Mr J study for his spelling test.  They are awesome!

This little guy was a new 'pet' at Ben's work.  He is a PT in a nursing home, and they have cats, dogs, birds, etc for the residents, but this pig was a first.  The lady insists it is extremely clean and smarter than a dog.  The kids had fun holding him and getting to know him.  His name is Stanley.  And Miss E is wearing Ben's big Russian hat because it was crazy hat day at school to celebrate Dr. Seuss day just in case you were wondering :)  That is not normally something she wears.

Stanley just made Mr J laugh.  

Sleepover in the basement with our friends. 

The kids having fun with their friends and glow bracelets in the basement.

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  1. So cool they each made their own snowman. It's great to see how unique they all are. Love that Russian hat--my kids had crazy hat day too but didn't wear anything. I guess they weren't in the mood that day because they had something picked out the night before. What a fun last shot--so neat how it turned out.

  2. How fun - a pig! I've heard that they are very smart and clean too. I love the photo of your kids all with their own personalized snowman. Awesome!

  3. I tried to comment but it isn't showing up. I hope this isn't a duplicate. I love those pig pics and those individualized snowmen are awesome!

  4. Such great photos to capture your week! I really wish we had some snow here - nothing but a small dusting back in December and my tulips are already about four inches high!