Friday, March 8, 2013

Doing anything--like the trumpet

I read a quote once that said, "You can do anything, just not everything."  Amen.  I have to remind my kids (and myself) of that fact often.  Especially when there are 4 kids that want to do everything all of the time.  It just doesn't work.  Decisions have to be made.  Miss A had to decide between the school play and track.  Can't do both.  Miss O had to decide between track and soccer.  Can't do both.  Miss E decided not to do soccer and instead to do swim team.  Not sure how I feel about that one, but it was her choice, so I am no longer a soccer Mom.  I am a track, volleyball, swim team, piano, guitar, and now band Mom.  I think that is enough for now.  Mr J is only 7, so he hasn't really added to my list yet, but I know he will.  Lately Miss O has been debating whether to start band.  Band is a big commitment and a big deal in our town.  Once you are in, you are expected to be in until you graduate from high school.  I went back and forth on the issue.  She already plays and has lessons on the piano and guitar, does she need another instrument?  So, after talking to the band director that she will have for the next 5 years, discussing "you can do anything, just not everything" and that means if you choose this you can't choose that, etc. we finally decided she was going to do it.  I have no idea what we are getting ourselves into.  Ben and I were never band people growing up.  It will be a learning experience.  After a few sessions with the band director she finally decided on . . .
 the trumpet.
Okay, I must admit I never knew how loud trumpets were.

Our ears are in for a treat for the next 5+ years.  

I have so much more sympathy for other band families now (and the band director, do you think he secretly wears ear plugs?  I am thinking I need to buy some. . .)

But man, it is fun!

Band Mom, here we go!


  1. This made me laugh so hard! I love it. Good luck!

  2. I've been a band mom for 5 years and I love it! We have a saxophone, drums, flute (the quiet one,) trombone, and an accordion! I love hearing each group compared to the previous one! Not to mention, they learn so much about music. They have gotten so good at sight reading and playing by ear. And it translates to the piano, as well!