Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What's up Wednesday--toad on toast edition

I love picture books.  I think I will be reading them to myself when I am 90 or so, and I am okay with that.  The new picture book shelf is the first one I raid when I enter the library.  This week we got a really cute one that helped us make dinner.  It was Toads on Toast by Linda Bailey and Colin Jack.  In the book a fox is tired of eating the same old big frog every night, so he goes to the library to get some cookbooks.  A whole new world of eating is opened up to him, and he finds out he needs fresh young toads to make the best stuff. So he goes out and finds a bunch, but their momma follows the fox home and suggests the best recipe for Toad in a hole minus the toad.  The fox loves it, and vows he never needs to eat another toad, and they all live happily ever after.  Don't you just love picture books?

So for dinner one night this week it was just the 2 youngest and me, so we made Mamma Toad's Secret Toad-in-the hold recipe minus the toads.  They were a hit.  Yum!  These are also commonly known as 'egg in a hole,' or 'chicken in a hole' or a variety of other names, but they all are good!

1 slice of bread
1 egg
salt, pepper, and Parmesan cheese

Butter the bread on both side, cut out a hole in the bread.  Place the bread on a frying pan and break an egg into the hole.  Cook a few minutes on that side until set, then flip sprinkle with salt, pepper and cheese if wanted and cook until done.  

Some other yummy things we have been eating this week. . .

Chocolate chip cake is so good!  At first I wasn't so sure with the cinnamon and sugar mixed with the chocolate chips, but it is yummy!  It was our Sunday evening dessert this week.

For another dessert this week I made a banana pudding poke cake.  Yum!  It is from a new cooking website I found called The country cook. 

This ham and pasta skillet dinner was a new recipe I tried this week.  It was really, really good and easy. It is definitely going on our monthly meal rotation.  Check it out.

Another family favorite is Pioneer Woman's Cowboy Calzones.  It is from her cookbook, but she has a similar recipe on her site here.

Happy cooking!


  1. Love those picture books!!! Mmmmm too bad Herb doesn't eat at your house... ha ha

  2. I'll have to try that ham pasta! Thank you! This week I tried Mel's butterscotch brownie recipe and her pumpkin cream cheese muffins. Both turned out delicious!!