Friday, March 22, 2013


Let me just preface this by saying I am so not a perfect person, mother, wife, friend, daughter, and the list goes on.  I am okay with that.  I try, I make mistakes, and I keep trying.  Life is good.  Along the way I have learned things that have helped me with my 4 kids and life.  Little bits of wisdom that I want to share every now and then when I think about it :)  So today I wanted to share something that has really come in handy the last 16 years. 
Our first aid kit.  When I was pregnant with Miss A I was finishing my degree at BYU, and I took a health class--a basic first aid class.  It was one of the best classes I took at college.  I have used the stuff I learned in there constantly over the years.  One of our assignments for the class was to put together a first aid kit.  I got this handy green tackle box and filled it.  I got an A, but besides that, I had this kit all ready when we had kids, took it in our car on trips, and had it at home in a very handy place.  We have used it a lot.  

The most used items in our first aid kit?  Well, band-aids and neosporin of course (my kids are trained, you never put a band-aid on without putting neosporin on it first), and then this box of band-aids right here.  I got a box of these 16 years ago, and thankfully Band-aid still makes them.  I have replenished the box several times over the years.  Luckily even my little town Wal-mart carries this brand and type of band-aid.  They are life savers--especially the fingertip band-aids.  I have passed them along to friends and missionaries that have visited and needed some.  Everyone has been amazed, "Those are the best band-aids!"  They are.  So, my words of wisdom today are if you don't have a first aid kit, buy one or make one, and then make sure you put a box of these band-aids in your kit.  Your fingers and knuckles will thank you for it.  I promise.

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  1. Totally agree! I wish they'd make a box with JUST fingertip bandaids because we use them all up and then are stuck with knuckle ones we don't use so much....