Monday, March 25, 2013

2013 Blue Jeans Week 12

Spring break week!  Yeah!  It was very nice and some good weather until our major snow storm this weekend.  We usually don't hide our Easter Eggs in the snow, but we might this year.  My sister took my kids for half the week.  So fun for everyone :)  It was a very quiet house with just Ben and I, but we enjoyed it, and at the end of the week it was also nice to have everyone home.  Everyone needs a break now and then, right?  Thanks Aunt T and Uncle G!  So here is a look at our week. . .
Sunday:  Our St. Patrick's Day feast--green meal--green everything--yum!  We had a friend and the sister missionaries over to join us.  

Monday:  First day of spring break and we had some really good friends from the city come down and spend the day.  These kids have known each other their whole lives.  Too much fun!

Tuesday:   Day 2 of spring break, we got together with some other friends and played kick ball.  Run, Miss O run!

Piano lesson night, Mr J enjoys his Dragon Slayers Academy book while waiting for his lesson.

Picture courtesy of my sister who had my kids from Wednesday to Saturday.  She showed them all around their cool small town and went to this rock quarry.   

Spending time with Uncle G is always fun, especially in his classroom at school where he is the art teacher.  Mr J and G working on a wood carving.

My birthday!  So nice to have everyone home, and my girls got me these cute bowls.  I am a bowl collector, never can have too many cute bowls.

Thanks for visiting and have a great Easter week!

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  2. Happy Birthday--perfect shot of you surrounded by the love of your wonderful children. Nice rock quarry picture too. Looks like a cool place to explore. So great that your kids can visit other family over break.

  3. Happy Birthday! I love the idea of a green meal - we were out of town for St. Patty's Day but next year I am doing that for sure :)

  4. Well Happy can never have to many cute bowls♥

  5. ♪ ♫ Happy happy (belated) birthday Jen dear. Happy days will come to you all year. If I had one wish then it would be...A HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU FROM ME! ♪ ♫

    That's a cool picture of your kids at the rock quarry!

  6. Looks like a really wonderful week. How nice to have some quiet time in the house!
    Happy belated birthday!

  7. Happy Birthday Jen!! I would have loved to have been there for the kickball competition. And I think you'd better stay out of TJ Maxx - they have way too many cute bowls :)