Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday review

So I survived the cinnamon roll baking experience (see previous post).  I haven't had any complaint calls, so hopefully everyone was happy.  I don't think I want to eat or bake cinnamon rolls for a really long time either.  Glad that is over, and thankfully they only do that fundraiser once a year.  The joys of being a band mom. . .

Some other exciting news this week. . . Miss A had her first high school track meet and did awesome!!  I really have no idea where she gets her running talent.  I am not a runner, and neither is Ben, but man, that girl can fly.  She ran the 2 mile, 1 mile, and 1/2 mile races and got first in every single one of them.  Way to go!!  She broke her own personal best times in both the 2 mile and 1 mile.  She beat her fastest 2 mile time by over 30 seconds!!  Yes, I am a proud Mom.  She got home very late last night, but she was very happy.

We have our annual Easter egg hunt this weekend.  We have been doing that every Saturday before Easter since we moved to the country almost 8 years ago.  Every year I say if it rains, we cancel, and we have never had to cancel.  I have never had to worry about canceling because of snow, but this year might be the first. . .

I got the new Hobbit movie for my birthday, and it hasn't even been opened yet.  Been a crazy past couple of days.  Hoping for time to open it and actually enjoy watching it this weekend.

Just loaded up on eggs to dye tomorrow afternoon.  A friend asked me, "you have to buy eggs?  I thought you had chickens."  Yes, we do have chickens, and they lay wonderful, yummy eggs, but we only have 5 hens.  They lay enough eggs for us to eat (except when you have to bake 6 dozen cinnamon rolls in one day) but not enough extra for us to dye a few dozen for Easter.  And actually fresh eggs are not the best to hard boil.  They are really, really, really hard to peel.  It is a pain.  Older eggs are much better to hard boil and peel, so we buy white eggs to dye.  When I have to buy eggs I always about fall over when I see how expensive they are.  Really, a dozen eggs is how much?  Man, I love my chickens!  The brown eggs dye really pretty, but we are going with white this year.  I did a post about dyeing brown and white eggs here.

Hope you have a Happy Easter and have a great weekend!!

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