Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 Christmas Day

Christmas Day I think Ben and I were up before the kids.  We told them they couldn't wake us up until after 7, but we were awake and just waiting for them in our room by then :)  They all had to wake up Miss O because she was in "sleep in" mode, and that just doesn't work on Christmas morning at our house because everyone has to go down together.
Stockings are always the first thing the kids open.  Uncle Mike made the kids these super cute chocolate sleighs for their stockings this year.

And everyone got headlamps in their stockings this year :)

Then after stockings we do presents one person/gift at a time.  Miss A had asked for a pocket knife and was happy with this present.  

The kids exchange names for gifts for each other, and Miss E had Miss O this year and got her a pillow pet which she was very excited about.

Mr J was super excited about his markers.

We got the girls these matching scarves--super cute!

And then Miss O got a new bike

And so did Mr J--his first "big kid" bike, but sadly they couldn't ride them on Christmas Day because it was way too icy out.

We actually had a white Christmas this year which is rare for us.  We all got these BYU shirts and before we went to my parents' for Christmas lunch we got a picture outside on our white Christmas.

It was as wonderful day to be with family and enjoy the time together.  We are very blessed and thankful for all we have!!!

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  1. Love it! My kids draw names as well - so much better than having to stress about 3 siblings plus mom & dad. Great system.