Monday, January 6, 2014

2014 Blue Jeans Week 1

My approach to scrap booking and memory keeping is pretty simple.  I am a big, big fan of Becky Higgins and her picture-a-day idea and Project Life.  I am starting my 6th year of documenting our lives like this, and I love it so, so, so much!  This year I am using the Jade Project Life kit.  On Mondays I usually post my pictures from the previous week.  I already blogged about Christmas and New Year's, so these pictures start Jan 1, 2014--our first few days of the new year.  Here is what we have been doing. . .
We have had some snow.  We actually had a white Christmas which is rare for us.  The kids got out in the snow for a little bit.  Mr J uses his sled as a shield from his sister's snowballs :)

My sister and her family were here over Christmas and she brought these cool snowflake patterns that we made. Can you tell their theme?  Do you spy Darth Vader?  Harry Potter?  Yoda? C3PO? The kids were pretty amazed when they saw them once they opened them.  Really, really cool!  She downloaded the pattern off the internet somewhere :)

We love our Elders and Sister missionaries that serve in our area from our Church. We had them over for dinner this past week because it was one of the sister's birthdays.  Miss O made her this yummy strawberry cheesecake to celebrate.  We had fun!  

It has been a very nice and relaxing break.  The weather has canceled our church twice during the break, and the kids have enjoyed listening to Ben read to them.  He has been reading this book to them for a while--it is a big book--and they are loving it.  It has really given them a great appreciation for their pioneer ancestors and what they went through.

Thanks for visiting!  Here is to a great 2014!  


  1. Those snow flakes are so cool. My boys would love that. How fun to have actual snow for Christmas too. It's very dry here in California--cold enough for snow but so so dry. Great start to the new year.

  2. Those snow flakes are AMAZING! That strawberry cheesecake looks delicious. What's the recipe for it? :)