Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday thoughts

Some random Friday thoughts. . . where oh where has January gone??? And how many more months of winter do we have???  I guess if January went that quick, then winter should be over really soon--I hope.

This was my inspiring bathroom mirror quote this week.  Loved it!  We made sure to do that lots this week :)

Read this book.  It was interesting.  One lady being very honest about her struggle with bulimia, drug and alcohol addiction.  She turned her life around, got married, found her faith, and is a mom.  It made me laugh and cry.  I don't agree with all her beliefs, but it was a good read.  

Also read this book--I am a huge L.M. Montgomery fan!  This is one of her stand alone books.  I think this year I am going to re-read all her stuff.  I love her Anne of Green Gables series.  I think the first book is one of my all-time favorites ever.  There are 8 books in that series, and I have never made it through all 8 because Anne isn't the main character in the last few.  I think I lost interest because I just loved Anne so much and just wanted to read about her.  I need to expand my horizons :)

And just a funny shot.  I found these valentine hot chocolate boxes set at Wal-mart.  Aren't they cute?  They are each a different flavor-milk chocolate, French vanilla, mint chocolate and chocolate caramel.  Yum!  And beside them is a loaf of cinnamon bread I made that when I cut into it, we realized it was smiling, so we had to get a picture of the smiling cinnamon bread.  It isn't supposed to look like that--it just happened :)

And on that happy bread note, have a happy weekend!  See you Monday!

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