Friday, January 10, 2014

Balance and goals

Life is all about balance.  I say that often to myself and my family.  When you get things out of balance, you get really messed up, so I try really hard to keep things balanced around here.  Sometimes it works, and others not so well, but we have a goal--balance.  I love goals.  They are very important to me.  The first Monday night of a new year is our "Goal Night."  We have had this tradition for years.  Monday nights are always family nights at our house, but the first Monday of a new year is always special.  We make our yearly goals that night.  And striving for balance, we make goals in 4 different areas--physical, mental, spiritual, temporal.  The kids come up with their own goals.  They do their own thing.  I just want them to have at least one goal in each category--for balance :)
This year we also continued with our "blessing" or "thankful" books.  We made these last year, and our goal was to write 5 things in it each night we were grateful for or that were a blessing in our lives that day.  The books were in our basket that holds our scriptures, so every night we would get the scripture basket, read scriptures, write in our blessings book, say prayers, and head to bed.  It was a really, really good experience to do these books, and I decided we need to keep up that tradition.  We have so much to be thankful for, and we need to look for our blessings and realize how much we have been blessed.
So this is the result of our work this past Monday night.   Pretty good work.  As Ben and I were looking them over we both saw something and smiled.

Looking a little closer at one we noticed something.  This boy is way ahead of his time :)  also love the little head with the speech bubble that says "WOW"

And has some pretty lofty goals--remember they make these all up on their own.  I hope cooking one meal every 2 months doesn't push him too hard--ha!

And then I wanted to share this.  For Christmas Ben printed and cut out all these awesome inspiration quotes for me.  He said they were more reminders for him, but gave them to me :)  I am putting one up on our bathroom mirror each week.  This was the quote for the first week.  Very, very true.

Here is to balance, goals, parenthood, and marriage!  Have a great weekend!

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