Monday, March 10, 2014

2014 Blue Jeans Week 10

Looking at the pictures for this week, it looks like the week of Mr J :)  He did have a busy week and seemed to be where I had my camera.  There is a photo that shows evidence of his sisters in there too.  We survived the time change, which I do not like at all, and are just going to try and make it through this next week because then it is spring break!  Yeah!  We are all ready for a break!  This past week was a pretty good one, take a look. . .
They were doing an Olympic reading challenge at school.  Mr J worked very, very hard and earned a gold medal from his librarian which also happens to be his Nana.  Lucky kid!  Way to go Mr J!

Mr J got an award for winning in the Farm Bureau safety poster contest.  He got $15 for his prize and that money was so burning a whole in his pocket.  He wanted to go to the store right after the award, but I made him wait just one day before he could spend it. 

And what did he spend his prize money on?  A new Lego set.  He loves those 3 in 1 sets.  Tonight after we got home from the store Ben helped him put it together.

Spring is the season of music competitions, and we have a piano competition coming up next month.  Mr J got his competition piece and has been working very hard to learn it.  

This was a shot of the kids' bathroom right after they left for school this morning.  Evidence of 2 teenage girls and 1 pre-teen girl getting ready for school.  Needless to say, we had some discussions about this mess when they got home, and that their Mom is not a maid.  Even though it sure feels like that sometimes.   Anyone else relate to this???

Friday the elementary got out of school at 1/2 a day, so I just had Mr J with me.  We met some friends at the park and enjoyed a few hours there before the girls were done with school, and we picked them up.

Saturday night was a relaxing one, but we were missing the older girls--babysitting and band were their obligations, so the rest of us enjoyed a movie--Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 which was pretty cute.  Popcorn and movie nights on the weekends are the best!

Thanks for visiting!  Have a great one and come back soon!  


  1. Go Mr. J! LOL! Great week for him and so cool to get prize money to spend. Mine would spend it on Legos too ;0) Totally relate to the kids' bathroom picture. I'm so glad I don't have to share with them and I make them clean it too. Enjoy the rest of your week. Lucky you have spring break coming up. We have to wait until mid April.

  2. Love that the money was burning a hole in his pocket - that sounds like a few of my kids ;)

    And yes! - way-to-go on capturing the picture of the bathroom! There are so many days when I'll just leave the disaster and hold myself back from cleaning up so the kids can come home and clean themselves...