Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday thoughts

Some random Friday thoughts. . .
My weekly bathroom mirror inspirational quote.  Love everything from Jeffrey R. Holland!

So if you have followed my blog long you know I love, love, love Mel's Kitchen Cafe.  And I have made several new recipes from her site this past week that I wanted to share.

We had these Caramel Crunch Bars for dessert when we had company last week.  They were so good and easy to make.  They look like a homemade kit kat, and are divine!  Yum!  

Last night we had ham and these Cheesy Au Gratin Potatoes and we had the missionaries over for dinner, and one of the elders said, 'Man, I love these.  My mom makes them, but yours are way better! (pause)  But don't tell her I said that."  Ha!  So, that is a pretty good recommendation right there.  They are very good.

I have always loved broccoli cheese soup, but my family hasn't really liked the recipes I have tried of it, but then I found one on Mel's and made it.  Everyone--even my broccoli hating son--loved it.  Broccoli Cheese soup here

On her website she has an awesome "Menu" button and has weekly menu plans which are awesome!

Trying to plan things for our St. Patrick's dinner Monday.  We always do a green everything dinner--green food coloring is my favorite friend on this day.  This is last year's dinner with some friends and our sister missionaries.  We usually have green mashed potatoes with green chicken gravy, green salad, green jello, broccoli, and green lime sherbet punch with green cookies for dessert.  Anything green pretty much works.  

Both Ben and I are reading the Ascendance Trilogy by Jennifer A. Nielsen.  We both finished The False Prince and are currently trying to share and read at the same time the 2nd book called The Runaway King  which isn't working out extremely well, but my goal is to finish it before him so I can read the 3rd one The Shadow Throne first :)  These are an exciting adventure that you really don't know what will come next.  I am impressed with Nielsen's writing, and would highly recommend them, just make sure you don't have to share your copy with anyone else while you read them :)

So looking forward to spring break which starts end of school today!  So looking forward to getting Frozen in the mail Tuesday to finally see it!  All the kids have seen it, but Ben and I are probably the last parents on earth who haven't :)  

Have a great weekend!

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