Monday, March 31, 2014

2014 Blue Jeans Week 13

It was a good week.  Started with my birthday, which is always fun, and ended with a service project that brought tears to my eyes.  A good week.  Take a look. . .
Had to get a picture of these handsome guys on Sunday with their matching ties.  Sure love my boys!

This was my gourmet birthday breakfast the kids made me.  I was impressed.  The heart is piped nutella.  Yum!  The drink is a grape/banana smoothie.  It was all delicious!

Happy Birthday to me!  Love these kids of mine.  They are the greatest gift I have!

My birthday cake this year was a lime ice cream pie that is my Deedee's (my grandma) recipe that Ben made me.  It is so yum!  I was spoiled today!

We have been seeing these new neighbors in the field behind our house lately.  It is fun to look out and see them.  They are a welcome addition to the neighborhood, except when they jump the fence and eat my garden, then we aren't so happy with them :) but until then, we like them.

Girls Lunch Out with some of my bestest friends!  We had lots of fun shopping, eating, and talking.  Good friends are the best!

We finally got us some new baby chicks that will grow up to be good egg layers.  Mr J was so excited!   He loves them and takes very good care of them.  We got 6 Production Reds and one Americana because the kids read they lay blue/green eggs, and they wanted one.  The Production Reds just lay brown eggs.  So hopefully come August we will have some really pretty eggs!

One of my birthday presents was a new purse and wallet--on the left.  So I swapped out my old purse and wallet--on the right--for the new one today, and I am so excited!

So Friday night I drove up my 2 girls and another cute girl to our church in the city for a stake dance.  We stayed the night up there with some friends and Saturday morning met up with 180+ youth from our church to do a service project at a school for disabled/abused/mentally handicapped kids.  Our kids did crafts with them, played games, colored, and talked with them.  I was so impressed with how our kids (all 180+) behaved and treated the other kids.  At a meeting I recently saw they said, "Treat everyone as if they were a Child of God" because they are, and these kids did that.  It brought tears to my eyes.  I was so proud of them.  Above was my group of youth from our local congregation which I was extremely proud of, my 2 funny girls in the middle, these 2 awesome boys, and another cute girl.  It was a wonderful service opportunity that I am very glad we didn't miss!

Thanks for visiting! Have a great week and come back soon!
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  1. You are a fellow Vera Bradley lover. That solidifies the friendship for sure :) Hee hee. Happy late Bday!

  2. ♪ ♫ Happy happy birthday Jen dear. Happy days will come to you all year. If I had one wish then it would be ... A HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU FROM ME!!! ♪ ♫ I'm so happy that your family spoiled you. That birthday breakfast looks so fancy!!! :)

    Isn't it great to see youth that "get it" and understand what the Gospel & Christlike service is all about? Have a FABULOUS week!!!

  3. Happy Birthday! What an amazing breakfast they made you. Love that piped nutella heart--so sweet. Looks like you had a wonderful birthday week and how fun to have new chicks especially right before Easter. I hope they turn out to be good layers for you. The shell colors sound interesting and I would have picked them for that too :0)