Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday thoughts

Some random Friday thoughts. . .
My weekly bathroom mirror inspirational quote.  I like this one. 

I read this book this week.  It is the last in a trilogy by Jean Ferris.

This is the first book in the trilogy.  It is a fun princess mixed-up fairy tale.  I like those kind of books.  My 11-year-old Miss E read all 3 of them last week and really liked them.

You just never know what to expect from life.  I am a planner and like to have things go the way I plan.  Sometimes life just doesn't work that way.  This week is spring break.  Per tradition, my kids always spend part of spring break with my youngest sister and her husband.  They spoil them rotten and have a blast.  They all love it.  I love it too.  No kids for 3 days is a nice spring break for me as well I admit.  This week was looking to go great.  Monday was fun day with friends over, Tuesday was another fun day with lots of friends over.  Ben came home and we had 5 extra kids running around.  Wednesday morning my kids left with my sister.  Wednesday aftenoon I also got a call from my dad that my mom was not feeling well and they were sending her to the big city to the heart hospital. Uh, what?  Where did that come from?  My mom is extremely healthy, exercises, eats right.  What is wrong with her heart?  Well, Wednesday night we found out they were going to put a pacemaker in.  Really?  Her heart rate was so low, and then so irregular for whatever reason they had to put one in.  So the surgery went well, they got it in, and she is recovering, but then we find out they clipped the top of her lung when they put it in.  It should heal itself and re-inflate but it hasn't yet.  If it doesn't to that by tomorrow they will have to go back in and fix it.  Crazy.  Just Crazy.  Life is very fragile.  You can plan all you want, but we really aren't in control.  It makes you grateful for the moments when you are calm, at peace, and you need to enjoy those moments--and even enjoy the crazy moments because life is that--the calm, peace, and the crazy all together.  I know my mom is going to be okay.  This will get fixed and she will be home soon and feel much better after she is healed.  I am grateful for caring, attentive doctors who know what to do.  And I am especially grateful for a Heavenly Father who loves us, watches over us, hears our prayers, and has a bigger plan for us than we do.  

Enjoy your weekend whatever it may bring!

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