Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday thoughts

Some random Friday thoughts to wrap up the week. . .
The inspiring bathroom quote I had on my mirror this week.  Ben and I are lucky to have similar interests and enjoy going to lots of different things together--sports, art, drama, music.  We rarely attend things without each other.  That is a blessing!

Keeping it real here--this was what my kids' bathroom looked like one morning after they left for school.  The result of 2 teenage girls and one pre-teen girl running late for school.  I was not happy when I saw this.  Needless to say, we had several discussions about how Mom is not the maid and about how things left out were going to start disappearing and owing Mom money to get things back.  We will see how well that works. . .  

I was very sad to squeeze the last tiny bit of lotion out of this bottle this week, can you tell?  I got this before Christmas at Bath and Body works--Merry Marshmallow Kiss, and I should have bought 3 or 4 because I loved it, and of course since it was a holiday scent they don't make it anymore.  Maybe next Christmas?  I hope, then I will stock up :)

I read this book last week.  It is number one is a trilogy.  I am half way through the 3rd book.  It is a good series!  Molly is a 7 year old girl unwanted at home and sent to the castle to work.  Little does she know she will grow up there, discover a new life, a gift, and save the king.  Magic, adventure, and a little romance make a good combination.  The story continues in The Cup and the Crown  as Molly continues to serve the king and discover her past and who she really is.  The story concludes in The Princess of Cortova which I hope to finish this weekend.

Have a great weekend and see you Monday!!  Don't forget to change your clocks--man I hate daylight savings time!  Go to bed early Saturday or take a long nap Sunday to catch up :)

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