Thursday, December 15, 2016

2016 Daily December 15--giant cookies

I am always looking for new recipes to try.  This week I found these copycat recipes for the New York City Levain Bakery cookies.   They are big!  
These are the chocolate chip cookie recipe.  The recipe only makes 8 cookies, but they are giant.  Find the recipe here.  We liked these better the second day because you don't bake them very long and right out of the oven they are way too underdone in the middle, but let them cool completely and the second day they are perfect.   You bake these at a higher temperature than normal cookies--410 degrees.  Also, the recipe called for walnuts, but my family doesn't like nuts in cookies, so we made them without. 

This is their chocolate peanut butter chip cookies.  They were good, but we liked the plain chocolate chip better.  Again, recipe for these is here.  Same thing with these as the plain--let them cool completely, and they are better.  The recipe called for dark chocolate cocoa powder, which I didn't have, so I just used by regular cocoa powder. 

It is always kind of fun to try something new.  Miss E decided she was going to make the chocolate chip cookies to give to her friends for Christmas.  Who wouldn't want a giant chocolate chip cookie for Christmas???  Awesome!  Enjoy!

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