Tuesday, December 6, 2016

2016 Daily December 6--Blue Jeans Week 48

Yes, I realized I skipped a few weeks in my weekly blogging.  Just figured I better start current and move forward.  Maybe later I will post some Thanksgiving pictures.  Who knows?  Last week we got back from our Utah trip which we had a great time seeing Miss A and spending time with family.  We got home and hit the ground running with getting ready for Christmas and then Ben and I were out of town for the weekend with a school board conference.  Busy!  How did we get into December already?  Here we go!  Take a look at our week. . .
During our trip I was able to get together with 3 of my 5 freshman roommates from college.  It has been almost 20 years since we had last seen each other.  So much fun!  It is great to have friends where you go years and years without seeing them, but when you do get together it is like no time has passed.  Sure love these ladies!

Cousin time!  These cousins do not see each other often, it has been over a year, but you wouldn't know it from this picture--lots of love!

Then we made the very long, long drive home and hit the store to do some adopt a child shopping.  These kids are lots of fun to shop with and great Santa's helpers!

I walk in the mornings with these 2 great friends.  This morning our one friend brought us yummy bundt cakes as an act of service for December 1 World Wide Service day.  Lucky me!

And another way to start December off right is with a Christmas concert---high school band had their Christmas concert this week.  Love Christmas music!

And a picture from Miss A this week--she and her roommates went up to Salt Lake to Temple Square to see the Christmas lights.  So beautiful!

And then Ben and I left for the weekend because I had a school board conference in the city.  We had a very nice hotel room with huge windows and a great view.  A nice weekend where I learned lots and we enjoyed the time together!

Thanks for visiting!  Hope you had a great week!


  1. Is that Amy (Mannewitz) Feldman on the far left in your friends picture?
    If so, I can't remember if we already talked about how I know her (my brain is mush lately). I LOVE your daily December posts. :)

    1. Yes that is Amy, and I remember we did talk about this. Her parents are in your ward, right? Small world!

  2. Busy, busy but looks like a lot of fun with great family visits. Have a wonderful holiday season!