Sunday, December 4, 2016

2016 Daily December 4--Christmas sheets

Several years ago I saw a blog post about how a Mom put Christmas sheets on her family's beds on December 1.  I loved that idea, so I started looking for Christmas sheets.  They are not the easiest thing to find....or the cheapest.  I started looking at after Christmas sales and over the years I have found enough so everyone has Christmas sheets now.  I even found an extra set after Christmas last year to send to Miss A at college so she wouldn't feel left out, and I made sure she had Christmas pillowcases for her and her roommate.  Traditions need to continue at college :)

My kids love their Christmas sheets.  We decorated for Christmas before Thanksgiving this year because we normally would decorate the day after Thanksgiving, but we were going to be gone, so we did it two weekends before Thanksgiving.  My kids wanted their Christmas sheets on then :)  Nope, you have to wait until December 1 for those.  So they were very happy when they went to bed December first and found their Christmas sheets on their beds.  Sweet dreams!

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