Monday, April 8, 2013

2013 Blue Jeans Week 14

Big week here--Easter Sunday was beautiful!  Miss A got her Young Womanhood Medallion!  Miss O had 2 track meets and broke the school record for the mile!!!  Miss A had one track meet--her first varsity meet as a freshman, and she got 2nd in both her 2 mile and 1 mile races and improved on her best times.   It was a busy week, and it will only get more so.  People say December is the busiest month of the year, I think April/May blow it out of the water.  Plus, we only have 6 weeks of school left for the year!  Our April/Mays are crazy, so I am just trying to embrace that craziness and "keep calm and carry on."  Wish me luck.  Here is a look at our week. . .

Easter Sunday--everyone ready for church in their new outfits and Mr J's new suit.  

Miss A got her Young Womanhood medallion which is a huge deal at our church!  She had to do over  70 hours of service/projects.  It is equivalent to the Boy Scouts Eagle Scout award.  She got this beautiful silver necklace.  Way to go Miss A!!!

Track Meet #1 of the week--Miss O did discuss, and got 2nd place.  Way to go!  She also ran the 1 mile, half mile, and was the anchor on the medley relay, and she got 1st in all 3 races!!!  Way to go Miss O! 

Mr J got this fun new kick ball in his Easter basket that he was trying out today.  Quite a kick there :)

Track Meet #2 of the week--Miss O broke the school record in the mile race running it in 5:59.  She also won the race and got another gold medal for anchoring and winning their medley relay.  More about our crazy track life here.

2013 is the year of Gratitude for our family.  We are trying to really focus this year on our blessings and being grateful.  We made blessing books at the beginning of the year to write in daily our 5 blessings or things we are grateful for that day.  More about that here.  I snapped a picture of Mr J's book today.  Love the things he sees as blessings and is grateful for, and I love his spelling.  He is 7.

Ben out working on the car this weekend.  So grateful for him and all he does.

Thanks for visiting.  Hope you have a great week!

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  1. They look so nice in their Easter clothes! You have some athletes on your hands!

  2. WOW- what a great week. I love all the sports- that is super exciting.

  3. congrats to your kid's achievements... Way to Go MOM & DAD. You know the kids couldn't do it without your help. You must have had pancakes for breakfast - your son was thankful for "syrup"...

  4. They look so great all dressed up for Easter. I missed out on having a girl to dress in a pretty spring Easter dress. Love that shot of Miss O running her mile--congrats to her on breaking the school record. Your kids rock!

  5. Lovely Easter photos :) What a super week for your family. Congrats on the medallion and on all the track awards!

  6. Wow, you weren't kidding when you said y'all have been busy!
    HUGE CONGRATS to Miss A on her YW Medallion.
    I wish we did more to recognize the YWomen when they get those.
    There's SO MUCH that goes into it, and it's usually not fussed about enough. :)

  7. Your little guy looks so handsome in his suit. And I need to remember these gratitude journals. It's such a great idea and we can fit them in every night with our scripture study. Thanks for reminding me.