Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday review--Track

Track--that one word pretty much describes our week, and more than likely the whole month of April and May.  Three track meets this week, and that is just the beginning.  Sigh.  People say December is the busiest and craziest month.  I think April/May blow it out of the water.  Our April/Mays are 10 times crazier and more busy that any December we have ever had.  I wish it was December :)  But even though they are crazy busy, they are fun and very rewarding for my girls.  Very rewarding as a parent to see your child succeed and excel in new things and do well.  This is what this past week has been all about--succeeding and excelling for my two oldest girls.  I have been a big cheerleader.
Miss O had two track meets this week.  At the first she placed 2nd in the discus--which is something she has never, ever done.  It is a whole new sport, and she is doing awesome!

At that same meet she placed first in the 1600 (Mile) the 800 (half mile) and anchored her medley relay to a first place finish.  3 golds in one day.  Watch out Michael Phelps!  Man that girl is fast!!!

In her second meet of the week she broke the school record for the 1600(mile) running it in 5:59!!!!!  The old record was 6:03, and she won the race to boot!  She also anchored her medley relay and led them to a gold medal too!  It was a busy day for her!  She is awesome!!!  And I was there--the whole 6 hours of the track meet.  Have you ever been to a track meet?  Man, they are not quick things.   They are hours long things.  So, she and I got home really late last night to tell the rest of the family and celebrate before we both collapsed into bed.   She was exhausted, and I was too.  It was a long and very successful day, and there are a lot more to come.  Let the crazy begin.

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  1. Wowza! I'm tired just reading about that day! Way to go Miss O!