Monday, April 15, 2013

2013 Blue Jeans Week 15

Another busy week--is there such a thing as a non-busy week??   Haven't seen one of those yet.  We had a crazy hail storm Sunday, another awesome track meet by Miss A also know as iron woman around here, and other fun school activities.  5 weeks of school left. . . but who is counting???
Sunday:  We had this crazy hail storm Sunday afternoon.  This was the 'beginning' picture

And this picture was taken exactly 5 minutes after the above picture--I checked my camera's time.  5 minutes.  It was crazy!  I have never seen a hail storm like this in my life.  They were dime to nickle sized hail, and they just killed by tulips that were starting to bloom, but thankfully nothing else was damaged!  I would much rather have damaged tulips than broken windows.

Mr J proudly shows off his planet fact sheet and his missing two front teeth.

Miss O had a school dance, and she and a friend did their hair with a cool wave crimper iron.  They are both so cute and had a lot of fun!  

One of our sister missionaries is Hispanic and was helping Miss A study for her Spanish test this afternoon.

Really, you have to kneel when there is a chair 2 inches away?  Funny Miss E doing her math homework after school.  She makes me laugh.

Miss A's varsity track meet today.  She ran the mile and got first; she ran the 2 mile and got first.  This race was the 800, and she was neck and neck with this girl, and Miss A got 2nd by .3 of a second.  Man, she is good.  She was dubbed "iron woman" in the local press box.  She is one impressive runner!

Saturday donned bright and sunny.  First yard work day of the season.  Ben moved the lawn while the other kids and I worked on clearing out flower beds and trimming bushes.  It is nice to have some good helpers!

Thanks for visiting!  I post every Monday/Wednesday/Friday, so visit often!.  Hope you have a great week!  

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  1. I hear ya on the busy. I'm not sure how much more I can take and this week my middle son signed up to do sound board for the school play which is great for him but one more thing that has to be done EVERY afternoon this week. Ack! Looks like both our boys were doing planet projects last week. It's such a fun age. I like how school is still fun at the point in time and there's not too much pressure. That hail storm looked crazy. I always worry about hail denting cars. You've got some amazing runners in your family. Go girls!

  2. The pictures of that hail storm are CRAZY!
    That's neat that you capture such a difference in just a matter of 5 minutes.
    I'm glad your windows or cars weren't damaged!
    Go Iron Woman! What a fun nickname to have. :)