Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Eve 2011

Mr J played 5 Christmas songs that we sang to.  I was impressed.   He did a great job.  Miss A, Miss O, and Miss E also all played Christmas songs that we sang to.  We sing a lot on Christmas Eve :)
Miss O and my brother-in-law played guitars while we sang.

Then we do our Nativity re-enactment.  Miss E was Mary.  The 3 wise men are visiting the baby here. (yes, the baby was a teddy bear, can you believe we have no baby dolls in my house?  The kids looked and looked.  Not a one could be found.  Where did they all go?  Kind of made me sad.
The kids always open one present on Christmas Eve---new pajamas.

This year they got a bonus present to open Christmas Eve, and I think it was their favorite of all.  Ben's dad always makes the kids some cool thing for Christmas.  He is very creative.  This year he made them all real wood, fancy, individualized (with their name and different designs and jewels) Harry Potter wands in boxes with labels from Olivander's in Hogsmeade and with labels that said, "This wand picked you, Mr J"  The kids were so excited about their wands!  Thank you Grandpa and Grandma!  The spells are flying around my house!  Huge HP fans here!

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