Thursday, December 15, 2011

Daily December 15: Christmas Movies

Love Christmas movies.  This one is an older one :)  I remember watching it as a kid.  We had it recorded off TV on a video cassette--anybody still know what those are?  It was an extremely grainy copy, but we watched it every year.  One year for Christmas my sister got all of us siblings a copy on DVD.  We watched it as a family on December first.  It was our first link in our Christmas chain.  Too fun! 
This is a beautiful Christmas movie.  We watch this the first Sunday after Thanksgiving every year to get us in the right mood for Christmas and to remind us of the real meaning.  I love Mary and Joseph in this film.

And who doesn't love this movie?  My kids have watched it 3 times already since Thanksgiving.  My favorite scene is the hot chocolate one.  I want hot chocolate like that!  Love the book too.

This is the version of Scrooge that my family always watched growing up.  It is a musical with Albert Finney.  It is my favorite version of "A Christmas Carol."  We usually watch it on Christmas Eve.  What are some of your favorite Christmas movies? 

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  1. Those are all such great movies! This year we got to watch Polar Express in 3-D. The entire train ride feels like a roller coaster. It was so fun!