Monday, December 5, 2011

Daily December 5: Sinterklass Eve

I am a huge Family Fun magazine fan.  I have been a subscriber almost since the first issue, and about 8 years ago (I think?) I saw this idea for The Christmas Chain in their "Idea of the Month" article.  It is a Christmas countdown chain, but on each link is a different activity that you do that day.  For example:  go look at Christmas lights, sing carols, make a Christmas card for a friend, visit and sing at a nursing home, make gingerbread cookies, etc.  I try to do a mix of fun, service, and ideas that remind us of the real meaning of Christmas.  Today's link says "Sinterklass Eve," and my kids jump for joy because they love this one.  We do it every year.  Sinterklass Day is a Dutch Christmas tradition, and it is celebrated on December 6th.  On the eve before under a winter star lite sky, it is tradition to deliver chocolates anonymously to your friends.  Ring the doorbell and run or "door bell ditching" fun here that my kids love.  We make up about 6 bags of chocolate, and then each family member gets to decide who to take their bag too.  I just usually buy a few bags of Hershey's kisses, and we put them in cellophane bags with a ribbon and tag that says "Happy Sinterklass Eve!  Sinterklass Day is a Dutch tradition celebrated on Dec 6th.  On the eve before it is tradition to deliver chocolates to your friends anonymously.  Enjoy!"  The kids love delivering their bags, ringing the door bell, and then sprinting back to the car and speeding off (hopefully) before the door is answered.  A fun, very well-loved tradition at our house.  Try it at yours this year. 

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