Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Daily December 27: Blue Jeans Week 49

What a week, what a week--you prepare and prepare for this time of year and it goes so quickly, but we enjoyed it.  I hope you did too.
Sunday:  Before Church we had a little bit of quiet time, and Mr J read to Miss E.  Yes, my kids fight like cats and dogs, but every once in a while they get a long, and we have some nice peace.  I try to get pictures of those moments so I can remember them amidst the cat and dog fights :)
Monday:  Christmas goodie plates--got them ready and delivered

Tuesday:  School Christmas program.  Miss E is in the middle black and white dress playing the alto recorder.  I am so grateful that my kids go to a public school and they can sing "Silent Night," "Away in a manger," and talk about the real meaning of Christmas-- their classrooms have a nativity set in them.  I count that a blessing of living in a small town.

Wednesday:  We made big, soft gingerbread men cookies tonight--a favorite Christmas tradition

Thursday:   Around Christmas we always like to go up to the big city for a night to see the lights and spend a night in a hotel with an indoor pool--another fun Christmas tradition
Friday:  Miss A's birthday and her cake.  It is a tradition at our house that the birthday kid gets to decorate their own cake.  My kids love doing that.  They get to do it with their Dad.
Friday picture #2: Another Christmas tradition is the kids always get to sleep by the Christmas tree the night of the 23rd.

Separate posts for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day--how can you possibly have only one picture for those days? :)

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  1. Love the lights! Jen - I can't believe you blogged each day for the whole month of December! How long is it going to take you to recover? I'm sure your family will love the stories and photos.