Saturday, December 24, 2011

Daily December 24: Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve at our house is all about lots of yummy food.  The kids each get to pick one food to have--their favorite of anything--shrimp, cheesecake, bean dip and chips, etc.  It is an interesting meal, and then we have lots and lots of music and singing.
We sing and play the hand bells.

We sing and Miss O plays the guitar. 

We sing and each of the kids takes turns playing Christmas songs on the piano.  This will be the first year that all 4 of them will be able to play.  Mr J is really excited about that.

And then after all that singing we re-enact the Nativity story using lots of bathrobes, towels, and ties.  Everyone loves it.

And then we end the night with the kids opening one present--new pajamas, then they are ready for bed, and we all say good-night and try to go to sleep so Santa will come.  Sleep well!

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