Sunday, December 1, 2013

2013 Daily December 1--a new countdown

This is my third year to do a Daily December for blogging.  Ben asked me why I did it last year because in a crazy month like December it is a lot of work to remember to blog something every day.  I said I did it because
1.  I do enjoy blogging
2.  There is so much in December to talk about
3.  December is one of my favorite times of the year, and I want to remember things my family and I do/have done

Blogging for me is documenting.  It is keeping track.  It is recording life.  So Daily December 2013 here we come. . .
So we always do some kind of countdown--or several--for Christmas.  This year I decided to do a new one.  A Christmas book countdown.  We have a lot of Christmas books.  I told the kids to each pick 3 books they liked and one they had never read before.  Ben and I made up the difference to equal 25.  These are the ones we chose.  The idea is you wrap them and then open one to read each night before bed by the Christmas Tree.   Yes, my 4 kids are almost 16 (gulp), 13, 11, and 8, but they all still love picture books.  I still love picture books.  You can never be too old for good picture books--especially Christmas picture books, so I think my family will like it.

And here they are all wrapped and ready to go.  Miss O wrapped almost all of them and labeled them.  #1 is our new book for this year.  I always buy a new Christmas book each year.  I will share that in a later post after we unwrap and enjoy it tonight.  Looking forward to taking time each night to relax and share a story.  

Let the Christmas season begin!

Please join me for my Daily December posts!

See you tomorrow!

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