Thursday, December 19, 2013

2013 Daily December 19--Christmas programs

I do have 4 kids so I guess it should come as no surprise that I had 4 Christmas programs.  It was nice when they were all in one school or not even in school, but not anymore.  So here is a look at our Christmas program season. . .
Mr J is our lone elementary kid.  This grade got to play the recorders.  So fun!

And sing.

He is a good singer and looked so sharp in his suit and tie!

And then there was Middle School band. . .

In that above picture there are 85 kids (7th/8th grade) on that stage.  Miss E was in there somewhere, and Ben was able to catch a peek of her here.  She plays the trombone.

And Miss O playing her French horn.

And then they was middle school jazz band 2

Miss O plays the trumpet there

And then middle school Jazz Band 1 with Miss O on the piano

She was awesome on that!

And then there was high school choir

Miss A does that.

And the high school top sing/dance choir.  Miss A in the middle

The girls did a cute number

And then she had a cute dance partner for the rest of the program.  Fun stuff!

Love Christmas programs--even in 4's :)

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