Thursday, December 5, 2013

2013 Daily December 5--Christmas countdown chain/Sinterklass Eve

One of our most favorite and longest running Christmas traditions is our Christmas countdown chain.  Each day the kids take off a link of the chain from Dec 1st to the 24 and there is an activity listed on the chain for us to do that day.  We do all sorts of things, and they change every year, but the one that does not change is December 5th.  December 5th is always the same.

December 5th is Sinterklass Eve.  Sinterklass Day is a Dutch tradition and is celebrated December 6th.  On Sinterklass Eve it is tradition to give a bag of chocolates anonymously to your friends--in other words door bell ditching which my kids love!  This is the kind of chocolate we give out--yum!  Of course we have to sample a few to make sure we aren't giving away bad chocolate :)

 We celebrate this every year, and I think it is one of my kids' favorite parts of Christmas.  Each of them get a bag of chocolates to deliver to whomever they wish.  We plan out how we will approach the house, turn the lights off in the car, park a block away, ring the door bell, drop the bag and then run.  Great fun!

Happy Sinterklass Eve!

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