Saturday, December 21, 2013

2013 Daily December 21--our nativity sets

I like to document the things we do and also the things we have.  I think it is always fun to look back and say, "Oh yeah, I remember that!"  This year I wanted to document and record our nativity sets.  The focus of Christmas is and should be Christ, and I try to decorate with that in mind.  There is a nativity set in each bedroom and in all the major rooms of the house.  Here is our collection. . .
This one is in our entryway.  It is the first thing you see when you come in our front door. My mom got this for me one Christmas.

This fun playmobil set my sister gave to us years ago.  It is in the family room.

This set is also in the family room on the fireplace mantel.  It is just a simple set I got at Wal-mart several years ago.

This is my favorite, very special set.  It is in the living room in the window seat next to the tree.  I got it at Costco 2 years ago.  I had been eyeing it every Christmas for the last 8 years when they bring out their Christmas stuff and was finally able to get it.  The detail is amazing.  It is so beautiful.

This beautiful set my in-laws brought us from South Africa.  It is also in the living room.

This old Avon set is in the girls' room.  My DeeDee and Grum had this set from when I was a kid. I used to play with it at their house.  I just happen to be there for Christmas one year when my kids were little and DeeDee said--"look through all the toys and see if you can find that nativity set and your kids can have it."  What a treasure!  

This Fisher Price Little People set is Miss A's.  She got it from my in-laws one year for her birthday when she was little.  It is a favorite also.

This set I got at Target a few years ago on their after Christmas sale.  This set is in Mr J's room.  

And this set is in my bedroom on the mantel over my fireplace.  I got it at a local store several years ago.

Fun to document. Fun to remember.

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