Monday, December 16, 2013

2013 Daily December 16--Blue Jeans Week 50

It was the week of school Christmas programs (which I love) and the last week of basketball--which I don't completely hate :)  3 basketball games and 3 Christmas concerts make for a busy week!  Here is a look at our week. . .
Sunday we enjoyed some down time.  Had the missionaries for dinner and then all enjoyed the Christmas devotional.  Love Sundays. 
Christmas program #1.  Isn't that boy so handsome in his suit and tie?  Love it.  They played the recorders too and did awesome.

Big move at work.  This is Ben's brand new work (just a part of it, it is huge!).  So nice!!!!

The joys of car ownership that Miss A is learning.  When your car isn't in the garage you have to scrap it on cold mornings.  One of life's lessons :)

Basketball game #3.  Miss O did awesome!  Her free throw was good :)

Middle school Jazz band concert--Miss O playing the grand piano.  She had a solo part, got some applause for that and was thrilled.  They sounded amazing!!!

Middle school Band Christmas concert.  Miss E is in there among those 80+ kids play the trombone, and Miss O is in there also playing the French horn.  They were awesome!  So thankful for music, for kids that work hard at it, and for a band teacher who works even harder!  We love our band director!!

Thanks for visiting.  I am doing my Daily December blogging this month, so come back often.

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  1. So many events but how fun! You husband's new work place looks amazing. I'm so glad my car is parked in the garage and I don't have to scrape ice. I remember those days though back in college--no fun at all. Enjoy your holidays and Merry Christmas. I hope you continue to have a blessed season.

  2. That sounds like a SUPER BUSY week with 3 basketball games and 3 Christmas concerts!!! Do you have a clone? :) Ben's new work place looks great. I'll have to ask the Mannewitz's about it. Mary (our neighbor) was talking to her brother and he was telling her about how your husband works w/ him and that we know each other via blogging. So fun & such a small world. :)

    MERRY CHRISTMAS to y'all!