Sunday, December 22, 2013

2013 Daily December 22--our bedroom tree

I love Christmas trees.  The last 3 years Ben and I have put one up in our bedroom.
It is just a small one.  Miss O strings popcorn for it every year.  It makes it look so pretty.  We put all the ornaments the kids have made on this tree.  

Looking at it makes me happy and sad.

They have grown so much!

Where does the time go?

You can tell they have had the same teachers over the years with the similar ornaments they make which I just love!

What a doll--when did she get so grown up?

So cute!

This was kindergarten and she will be 16 tomorrow!!!!  When did that happen?

Joy truly is what they have given me.
and Ben even has an ornament I made circa 1988 on there :)  Love Christmas memories!

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  1. I still use the homemade ones too…. love the ones with their pics! Sweet family you are!!